About us

     EtnaMadre was born in Acireale, an ancient and coastal small town in the north-east of the province of Catania, Sicily, Italy, and located at the foot of volcano Etna, on a majestic plateau and a volcanic steep wall including a long stretch of lava cliffs of the Acese’s coast...this is the " Timpa of Aci ". From this natural cross-section, which looks like a balcony, we can admire most of the lands with volcanic rocks that are in subsurface of the volcanic area, as well as the beauty blue sea of Sicily. This black land of volcano Etna, so rich of artists, gave birth to EtnaMadre also, which rose from the pleasure of the lava stone art and from the willingness to believe in one’s own traditions and to make them widely popular.  

   EtnaMadre with the help of local craftsmen, undertakes to research, to create, and to re-create new shapes, artistic objects and sculptures that adorn our homes, respecting colours, atmospheres, culture of sicilian life. In order to leave a distinctive mark of one’s own character, EtnaMadre undertakes to ensure all items are carefully hand made with the same process handed down from the most of sicilian artists a lot of years ago, and thus where there is an imperfection that is never a defect, but only guarantee of master’s craftsmanship and uniqueness.

                           Thank you for visiting my website:  Rosario by EtnaMadre