Paintings on rustic wood

   Thanks to its rustic style, this distinguishing collection of ceramic paintings on lava stone, contributes to add to your home, a warmth and envelopping atmosphere. It is very suitable either to interior with wooden fornitures or with wooden accessories only. For getting this rustic set of paintings, it has been used a walnut-wooden support, which has been hand carved, and a lava stone tile which has been hammered on its sides, thus to get a crack quarry style, whose name derives just from the look of Etna quarries. Wishing to respect this particular style, it has been mostly chosen for this collection, some subjects such as sicilian surroundings, country-house, typical fruits, and coloured glazes which create an ancient flavour. Little fragments of Sicily will come in your home by these paintings, that furthermore they will leave a distinctive mark, given that each piece is unique.

Measures: 14,57x11,81x1,77 in inches / 37x30x4.5 cm

EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stone
EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stone

EtnaMadre_quadri pietra lavica
EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stone
EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stone
EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stoneLSCVE04PA
EtnaMadre_quadri pietra lavicaLSCVE05PA

EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stone
EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stoneLSCOR02FR

EtnaMadre_quadri pietra lavicaLSCOR01FR
EtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stoneLSCOR01PA
LSCOR02FGTEtnaMadre_Paintings on lava stoneLSCOR03FGT

Rear Hole

As each work made by Etnamadre also this collection is entirely hand made and scrupolously hand painted.