The Pottery Lava Stone

  The pictorial technique on lava stone dates back to the mid-1800s, and was mostly work of Filippo Severati who had introduced a new pictorial technique on lava stone based on glazing, which is against outdoor-proof environment. After him many other artists devoted themselves to the pottery on lava stone.

Since 1970 this technique has been used in Catania.

   At first, it is quarried out and the lava stone is being cut according to desired shape, then a liquid ceramic is sprinkled on its surface, making a top-layer about three millimeters thick. After it takes nearly 12 hours to get dry. So at last now it could be decorated. When the decoration is made, the lava stone is being put in the furnace at high temperatures, about 1000 degrees above zero. The result is like a fusion of stone and ceramic in a unique body, with a combination of resistance, strenght of the lava stone and beautiful polycrome traditional decorations. 


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