Use and care

   Etna lava stone is an extraordinary material, absolutely considered no noxious and therefore absolutely guaranteed by spreading poisoning and infection or anything else. Moreover, for the reason of specific chemical characteristics belonging to Etna lava stone, many fruit's producers in Sicily use it to improve their production or to heal a diseased tree. The ceramic work process adds to the lava stone a characteristic property which transforms it into being lifetime unchanging, against action from atmospheric elements, chemicals, sudden temperature changes, and what's more it becomes proof-stain. In fact, as for the tables, they don't need much care, namely you can put them carefree out to furnish your garden or balcony and not paying attention to food stains or whatever else, and for clean up use only a wet cloth and soap. As regards my paintings, they need a little extra care instead. They are ideal only to adorn your interior rooms, solely because of the wooden support has not got right characteristics for staying in the open air. When cleaning you pay attention not to use a wet cloth on support so as you shouldn't do the same with a frame of picture.

If you want to respect the natural beauty of the lava stone plate, I suggest to use it as shown by photos in its page, as it is not meant to have contact with food as an usual dinner plate. Vegetable fat or similars, and a daily use of knife ruin its beauty.

I hope you will love this stone and my works.