Wood and Stone

   Two of the oldest existent elements in nature are the wood and the stone. As we already know, long time ago they had been applied for reproducing the fire, an other important element which revolutionized the life on earth and mainly provided help to get heat. Given their further characteristic to keep heat in, besides to produce it, the wood and the stone found place indoors to carry out this task. 

   Creativeness and artistry succeeded in bringing them into our homes, by giving them a shape, style, color and warmth. And so as it turned out,also 

   Etna lava stone came on the scene of many homes and environments in Sicily, and not only there. Etna lava stone has the ability of giving to beholder, its beauty and warmth which always it brings with itself, but becomes more intense and nearly unique, when it joins to the beauty and warmth of the wood, that only a real sicilian artist manages to transform into art.